LD Fitness

The World of Fitness is changing!

A shift in direction is happening right now and it’s going to get you fitter than ever!


ü  More and more members are turning to various types of ‘Fitness Classes’ that are Coach/Instructor lead than ever before.


ü  The thought process behind the changes is all to do with maximising the ‘time-money-effort’ paid out verses results achieved.


ü  ‘Quick Fix’, ‘Fad Diets’ are words used by commercial gyms that are after one thing ‘as many members as they can possible fit into their establishment’.


ü  Members have a desire/need for a more sustainable and realistic strategy for getting into shape and keeping that shape long term.


ü  LD Fitness is leading that change in Tamworth, a movement a revolution that will change the lives of those that join.


ü  LD Fitness has launched a UK first based class, something that has never been seen here before. A class that bridges the cap seamlessly between ‘Cardio n Weights’ and is based on the principles of ‘Metabolic Fitness’.


ü  We are changing the face of fitness in Tamworth for ever, why not join the movement now!

FUN! – if you don’t laugh you’re going to cry, so we make exercise fun to make you laugh.

COMMUNITY! – from the moment you join you will be made to feel like part of the family.

MOTIVATION! – our sessions are always progressive, they keep you challenged every week.

RESULTS! – what if your result is simply getting back to full health after an injury, or after having time out, not everyone wants to lose Ib’s/stones of weight so regardless of your goal – your goal is our goal.


We ask all members to join us for their 1st month on our ‘Get Me Started’ membership. This membership will allow you:

ü  To take part in all Coach led classes that we have during the 1st month.

ü  You will be assigned a Coach who will work with you through your 1st month.

ü  You can choose to have a ‘Full Body Scan’ to assess your starting point through our ‘Get Me Started Meeting’.

ü  We will advice you on a better ‘Nutritional Path’.